Said Pournaghash, Ph.D. Azzahra University

The impact of employment (or having a job) on people’s mental health is of great importance. In fact, after fulfilling the most basic biological needs of an individual (e.g., hunger), other needs or desires which can greatly influence one’s mental health, must be fulfilled, one of which is the need for a job or employment. Mental health studies on the consequences of employment have shown that having a job cannot only decrease the irksome effects of many stressors but also can satiate some other human needs such as the need for belongingness, internal security, self-actualization and bonding with other people.


As such, the lack of employment can cause disagreeable feelings for the individual and jeopardize his or her mental health status. The present article will review some of the issues pertaining to employment (e.g., job motivation, work stress, work burnout and psychological consequences of unemployment) and its importance with regard to mental health as well as its effect on the society.

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