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Dr. S.A. Hosseini, was born in The Islamic Republic of Iran in 1936. He graduated from the Tehran Medical School in 1961 and finished the postgraduate course in psychiatry in 1968. He has been teaching psychiatry and mental health since then in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. He was selected as an expert in mental health by the World Health Organization in 1984.
His special interest is mental health and the Divine school of psychology.

 This author has published more than nearly 50 papers on psychiatric and mental health subjects which you can see some of them below .His published  books are as follows:

  1. Clinical Psychiatry, printed by the Mashhad University Press, 1978
  2. Fundamentals of Mental Health, 4th edition ,published by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 1998.
  3. An Elementary Study of the Fundamentals of Mental Health, Psychotherapy and Programming According to Islam, 6th edition.Behnashr Pub.2009.,
  4. An Elementary Study of the Fundamentals of Islamic Psychology for students ,3rd edition 2010
  5. Islamic School of Psychology , Arabic Version ,first edition,2006

Parts of his English book of " An elementary study on the Islamic perspectives on psychology ,mental health, counseling and psychotherapy " is available in our web and you can read & download them.



    • The Role of Hope on the Development of Juveniles . J. Psychiatry Vol.3 , No. 4 , 1971


    • Psychiatric Counseling in Surgery . J. Mashhad Medical College , Vol.17 , No. 1 , 1974


    • Psychiatric and Mental Health Aspects of Tuberculosis . J. Mashhad Medical College , Vol.17 , No.10 , 1974


    • Preventive Methods of Drug Addiction . J. Mashhad Medical College , Vol.18 , No.2 , 1975


    • Critria of Mental Health and Psychiatric Illnesses . J. Mashhad Medical College , Vol.18 , No.5 , 1975


    • Diagnostic Problems in the Dissociative Syndromes , Papers of the Symposium of Personality Disorders ,Tehran University Pub. 1976


    • A study on the Motivations and complications of Drug Addiction and the Prevalence of Psychiatric Manifestations in Khorasan Addicts . J. Mashhad Medical College , Vol.20 , No.4 , 1977


    • Psychiatric Emergencies in General Medicine . Journal of Iranian Medical Council , Vol.6 , No.2 , 1977


    • A Study on the Prevalence and Diagnostic Problems of Organic Depression. Journal of the Medical College , National University - Tehran . Vol.6 , No.2 , 1978


    • An Elementary Study of the Principles of Individual and Group Psychotherapy and Mental Health in Islam , Indian Journal of Psychiatry - 1983 , 25(4) , 335-337


    • Primary Prevention of Psychiatric Disorders According to Islam . Bulletin of Islamic Medicine (Vol 3 1984)


    • A Comparison of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in Iranian Educational Centers and Western Countries . Abstracts of International Medical Seminar - Tehran 1984


    • A Study on the Genesis of the Anxiety State According to the Islamic School of Psychology , its Prevention and Treatment. Proceeding of the Eight International Conference of Pakistan Psychologists Association - 1991


    • A one-year Report of the Country's Mental Health Program in a 22000 Populated Region of North-East Iran. Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran - 1993 , 7(3) PP 151-157


    • A Study of the Role of the Islamic School of Psychology as a criterion and Coordinative School . Abstracts of International Seminar on Counseling and Psychotherapy in an Islamic Perspective , Malaysia - 1997


  • The Criteria of Counseling in Islamic Perspective , an Practical Structure for Psychotherapy. Abstracts of the International Seminar on Counseling and Psychotherapy in an Islamic Perspective.1997
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