Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Approach

bio_psycho_spritThe biopsychosocial dimension of human behavior is an incorporation of the biological psychological and social factors that explain human behavior. Starting with the biological dimensions; scientists assert that human behavior can be explained through genetics and heredity.

The biological approach also explains certain peculiar behavior through heredity and genetics. For instance, schizophrenia; A study conducted upon two closely related subjects such as brothers who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia found that a large percentage of these individuals actually had genetic component that were similar in nature.

[Source: http://www.cvlc.ws/biopsychosocial-spiritual-approach/]

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Mental Health Recommendations

Usually mental health meetings recommend authorities and population to follow their activities up . Unfortunately many of these Recommendations remain unfulfilled . We thought that remembering these Recommendations once more may make sense. 
(Psychiatric department . Mashhad University of Medical Sciences )

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