40 Basic principles for either prevention or promotion…

40 Basic principles for the prevention of psycho-social disorders,  promotion of mental health, & to gain eternal prosperity
Dr. S.A.Hosseini , M.D.


According to Alport “It Is increasingly recognized that reactive disorders, drug addictions, alcoholism, sexual deviations and anti- social behaviors, reflect the lifestyle of populations and that changes in these circumstances are probably as important as anything else in significantly reducing their prevalence.

If professional psychologists were truly concerned with human welfare, we should forget psychiatric patients for a century and turn our attention to the psychological causes of racism, sexism, and that of the profit motive as sources of danger to human life”.
It has been proven that lifestyle is responsible for 70% of medical and psychiatric discomforts. We can put the big question, vis, “is there a standard life style?”

 The answer is quite positive. When we buy an electronic instrument, we immediately ask for the instruction booklet. So, we should ask for the booklet of healthy living for this bio-psycho- social & spiritual organism from God’, i.e his creator and trainer.
God has sent this catalogue in His Divine instructions, without being asked. As Divine instructions are very extensive, we have to summarize them in some practical principles. I have succeeded in categorizing these instructions into forty basic principles.
It has been confirmed by the above approach, that the Divine instructions are unique and exclusive instruments to offer healthy life, development & eternal prosperity to mankind. So, I have presented them as “The Basic Principles of Development and eternal prosperity”.
The prerequisite processes to enable the” basic principles of developmen & eternal prosperityt” to have practical results in preventing stress- related manifestations and eternal happiness, are as follows:
1. To be learned.
2. To be accepted.
3. To be used in everyday practice of life.
It seems that the psychopathology of anxiety state  and other stress related manifestations is a lack or deficiency of the above processes, which can be summarized as follows:
1.One did not learn the principles of development.
2.One did not accept the principles of development.
3.One did not use the principles of development.
So, it is the therapists duty to discover what principle or principles have been neglected.


 The following processes are necessary for the therapeutic procedure:
1. To train the counselee with the neglected principles.
2. To convince him to accept them.
3. To urge him to use and follow them up in his or her everyday practice of life.




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