A Study on General Mandatory Instructions

 A Study on the General Mandatory Instructions, According to the Islamic Culture


It has been recognized 4 basic dimensions in humans; namely bio- psycho- social and spiritual aspects. We can put a big question in this field: In order to be healthy and have promotion in these aspects, one can live according to his or her desires, or he had to follow especial instructions? 


It is obvious that especial rules exist for any of the above needs.
Human societies have paid attention to their biologic needs and the principles of primary health care have been developed ; and they are carrying out in different countries, according to their possibilities. Trials for mental health; either for prevention and promotion, have been started; although we have many problems in this field. But we have neglected in the social component and much more in the spiritual field. Complications of this neglect can be seen in the 3 other components, as poverty, rages, wars, alcoholism, drug dependences, suicide, homicide etc.


I suggest to gain from the university strategies to use general aims and special aims of training, to develop movie films, TV scenarios and all of the mass media instructions.


In order to plan for mandatory instructions, we should explain our targets in teaching these instructions.


From the Islamic points of view, the main target of humansIs to access eternal prosperity, and no one can hesitate this aim.


The processes of gaining this desire,have been summarized in the 103rd chapter of Quran, when says:


Surely Man is in the way of loss, Save those who believe, and do righteous deed, And counsel each other unto the truth,
and counsel each other to be steadfast.


In the verse19 and 85 verses of the third chapter of Quran, the exact way towards development has been pointed on, as follows:


“The true religion with God is Islam. Whose desires another religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world he shall be among the losers.”


We should be cautious to the above messages; because we are eternal creatures, and the results of our choices and manners will hold us for ever.


These results might be eternal rest and prosperity or eternal adversity and punishment. So the gap between the tow above situations is +infinity and –infinity. As we are very sensitive to a bit of ache or distress, we should avoid eternal distress and non-tolerable pains, by adjusting our cognition, affects and behaviors with the Divine mandatory instructions. We should do our bests to help all of the inhabitants of the globe, who are our brothers and sisters ;to convince them accept above facts and to come to the straight way of development ( Divine laws).


Imam Ali(P.B.U.H) says you have to learn the rules before you begin with your work; otherwise, you may be involved with some sins because of your neglect.


Imam Moosa Kazem(P.B.U.H) says:


The most suitable knowledge for you is ;without which your affairs can not be well done.


The most obligatory affair for you; is one that you are responsible against it.


The most necessary knowledge for you is ,one which direct you towards your well-being and corruption of your heart ( psyche).


A knowledge can produce the most appreciable conclusion; which increase your present knowledge. So do not pay attention to any knowledge; which the lack of it, do not harm you. And do not neglect any knowledge ;which its abandon, will increase your ignorance.


(exact sayings of Imams in Arabic words are available in the Arabic version of this web page).

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