A Comparative Study on Behavioral Disorders in school aged children

A Comparative Study on Behavioral Disorders of School-aged Children in Divorced and Non-Divorced Families in
Hamedan (a City in Iran) Primary School in 1997
Sajedi ZH. , Habibi Z.
Key words : Behavioral disorders, school aged children, divorce, prevention

In recent years there occurred some changes in families solidities which increase the divorce rate. Results of researches show that the behavioral, social, emotional and physical disorders of children of separated families, in comparison with the children of intimate families are high.

This survey was conducted in order to determine and to compare the behavioral disorders of children in divorced and non-divorced families in Hamedan primary schools in 1997. Material and Methods This survey was conducted by Case-Control method on the students who were selected randomly by multi-phase sampling. The field was Hamedan primary schools. Structured interview forms was data collecting instrument. Data was obtained through interviewing students parents and teachers. The form of interview was compiled based on child behavioral checklist for primary school children, reported by Russell and Chassell.
Results This survey shows that there is a difference between obtained total average scores in divorced and non-divorced families from the physical, social, individual, home and school adjustment point of view and total personality adjustment. Children of divorced families have behavioral disorders and there is a meaningful difference between the two groups average scores.
Conclusion : Regarding the existence of behavioral disorders among children of divorced families and outcomes of divorce on these children and then on the society, we propose that school authorities and experts of family instruction, should inform families about divorce and its side effects on children and parents. Mass media are important in giving useful information to parents and making young boys and girls aware about the side effects of divorce before marriage.




The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 2
Year : 2001
Spring and Summer No.5 & 6


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