Country Mental Health Program Of the Islamic Republic Of Iran

Country Mental Health Program Of the Islamic Republic Of Iran, and the Method of Utilizing it in Urban And rural Areas
Dr. S.A. Hosseini, M.D.
key words : Country mental health, program, primary health care, integration

The 29th article of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran declares access to health and treatment a right for all the country’s citizens. Iran is a signatory to the AlmaAta Declaration which has set the aim of “health for all by the year 2000”, through a community based primary care approach.

The National Program of Mental Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran was developed in 1989 under the supervision of Prof. Wig, the mental health expert of the World Health Organization, in collaboration with some Iranian experts in mental health, including the author. The most impressive message of this program is the integration of Mental Health in Primary Health Care. This strategy necessitates training the existing health staff in primary health care including short training courses in mental health for general practitioners. The program has been developed on the bases of community mental health i.e. defined catchments area service integration, case finding, continuity of care, consumer participation, evaluation and research.


Our health service networks are quite efficient in rural and small urban areas, but we have problems in large cities including the capital. This difficulty arises due to the engagement of most general practitioners and specialists in private clinics and hospitals. But there are some plans for gradual utilizing of the program in metropolitan areas, too. By the integration of mental health into primary health care, mental health planners have the possibility to utilize the following facilities for their special goals:
6511 – health houses of rural areas
2970 – urban health and treatment centers
933 – rural health and treatment centers.
The practical method to utilize this program in urban and rural areas has been mentioned.




 The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Autumn


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