A study on Burnout in Emergency Wards Nurses

A study on Burnout in Emergency Wards Nurses
F.A. Parsaie , S.H.Mohammadi

Key words : Burnout, Vocational, Stress, Emergency ward, NursesStrees in health professionals, especially nurses faced with specific stressors, may show itself in several ways, such as high incidence of sickness, and unsatisfaction and low morale, that affect on nursing care.
The present study was conducted to determine which stressors (patient care, individual, interpersonal, managerial and environmental factors) are important in emergency wards. This descriptive study was conducted in the winter of 1998 on 35 nurses of Tabriz University emergency wards.
Further descriptive and deductive statistics were employed. The finding of this study showed that managerial stressors (X=2.99) were the highest stressors, and individual stressors were the lowest of all stressors (X=2.18)



The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Summer


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