A Study on Reading Skills

A Study on Reading Skills
A.P. Baharloo

Reading is one of the most important skill in human life. Perception, and comprehension of meanings, values and approaches of the subjects and the special and overall goals of writers can be understood in symbolic features of writing.

In developed stages, reading is sometimes even more than understanding the messages. it is evaluation and comparison of subjects in order to fined out the truth. If the reader, can react reasonably to visual symbols of writings, which have been substitute with auditory symbols, they will succeed in they efforts. So, at our times reading is a special skill which should be learned in special laboratories.
We now have special instruments to help us facilitate fast reading. The most important use of these instruments is to modify attention, concentration and to fortify visuo-lingual principles. Reading motivation is one of basic instruments for better reading; and it should be emphasized by teachers.
The teachers should relate between the students, library and subjects. Correlation of subjects to students should be considered and various subjects of reading will satisfy different tastes.



The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Spring


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