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Dear Colleague:
I have developed a web page entitled  “Divinepsychology.org”  I think it is an independent school of psychology that is based on the Divine structures.  I have elicited this school of psychology on the basis of the  Islamic instructions, and I think we can find the same principles in other Divine religions. 

I believe,  this approach, which is based on reality and conscience, can be used for the following targets:

1.  To harmonize different schools of psychology.
2.  To be used as a criterion school.
3.  To help scientific workers to solve contemporary problems on the basis of the Divine structures  which is the normal culture of the most populations.
4.  To develop an extensive field for academic dialogue.

That is very kind of you  looking  through my site, and give me your feedbacks.  I am ready for more discussion in this field. With best regards.




prof. of psychiatry


Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.



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