Prevalence of Depression in Ardabil Medical Students

Prevalence of Depression in Ardabil Medical Students
Molavi P.M.D., Karimollahi., M.R. Fayazi M.D.

Keywords : Prevalence , depression, University students, Prevention


Control Depression, which can be seen in students, is a sense of sadness with psychomotor retardation and worrying. Stresses due to university expectations, repetitive exams, migration from the residence of family are parallel to the problems of development in youth, and the usual stressful events which made students more prone to depression.


This study is a descriptive one, and the instruments used was Beck Inventory Scale for depression.


All university students were selected as our sample; and questionnaires were completed by students after the contents of the scale and the target of the study had been explained. We found mild depression in 39.8%, moderate depression in 14.1%, and severe depression in 3%. Data analysis showed significant difference between males and females with female preference and between citizens and emigrants with the preference of emigrants.

We have suggested some recommendations in order to prevent and control the sources of the problem.



The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 2
Year : 2001
Spring and Summer No.5 & 6


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