Preventive Methods Of Drug Dependence And Alcoholism

Preventive Methods Of Drug Dependence And Alcoholism
S.A. Hosseini , M.D.

According to Henry Krystal and Raskin drug dependence is an ego defense mechanism which the victim considers the best way to solve his or her psycho-social conflict and/or physical discomfort.

In a study which I did on addicts referring to the University Psychiatry Ward and The Drug Dependent Rehabilitation Center , the respondents declared the following reasons as their motivations for opium derivations:

Anxiety 39% * Depression 42.1% * Sleep disorder 39% *
Family conflict 18.4% * Conflicts in vocational field 10.5% *
Increased libido 7.8% * Curiosity 15.7% *
Loneliness 26% * Lack of motivation 23% *
Environmental adaptability 2.3% * Recreation 2.3% *
Relief of pain 60.5% .
56% of woman said that they had used opium derivations because of pain and having metrorrhagia after delivery or abortion. I found figures of 2.6 for the schizophrenia group , 2.6% for psychopathic personality , and 76% for combination of reactive depression and anxiety disorders.
So the plan which we recommend for the prevention of drug dependence should consider these etiologic factors. The role of systematic approach and family standards has been confirmed.
Finally , the recommendations of the World Health Organizations (who) for preventing drug dependence and alcoholism have been mentioned.


 The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Winter


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