The Divine school of Psychology

There is no doubt that human beings have only one psychic apparatus. Each school of psychology has studied this psychic apparatus through its own special approach. At present we have numerous schools of psychology having
in some respects contradictory points of views. Consequently, we need a criterion school of psychology in order to evaluate and coordinate these schools and to correct their deviations.

It seems that the Divine School of Psychology, which has been organized by the Creator of men, can and should be considered as the criterion school. One can discover the essence of the Divine School of Psychology in its intact form in Islam. Islam introduces psychology as the baseline of all sciences and as the essential key to gain psychic development. Practical criteria of mental health and mental illnesses have been clearly defined in this school. In addition, the Islamic School of Psychology has given clear definitions for the nature of the life factor and its dimensions and essential processes.

We believe that the Divine school of psychology is a common language between all believers to God and they can come together and make a strong system to help humans.

It is also a strong instrument to open a window for the civilizations talks.


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