The Results of the Divine(Islamic) School of Psychology

S.A. Hosseini, MD
Prof. of psychiatry

Mashhad University of Medical Sciendes
A study on the Advantages of Learning,  Acceptance &  Practicing the Divine (Islamic) School of Psychology 

 We can use the title of “The Realistic School of Psychology” as a synonym to “The Divine(Islamic) School of Psychology”. Because,  according to the prophet of Islam, the main goal of the whole Islam, is “to reach to the realities as they are”.

 This school believes that the personality structure has two components, named passion and the  wisdom. The wisdom also  has two components, namely: the  experimental wisdom and the natural wisdom (conscience). The brain, has been  introduced to be  the center of experimental wisdom and the natural wisdom has not any palpable center in the body; it is the effect of human psyche,  without any relation to molecules, whereas the passion is the result of the integration of the psyche into the molecules.

 There are a continuous conflict  between  passion and the conscience. We confirm that the learning and acceptance of the Islamic school of psychology is fruitful, merely in the case of practical using of its messages. We can summarize the benefits of the learning, acceptance and using of the Islamic school of Psychology as follows:

  1. To access to “the realistic approach to life and psyche”. 
  2. A prerequisite for understanding the unity of God.
  3. To recognize the self of humans.
  4. Planning to access the highest point of cognition & to understand the biologic, psychological, humanistic sciences and Divine religions as well.
  5. To access to the ground of self- control.
  6. Planning to recognize  others and to relate with them.
  7. To access to “the criterion & coordinative school of psychology”.
  8. To present “the standard life style”.
  9. A suitable background for inter- religion talks.

 Key words:The Islamic School of psychology, Realistic School of Psychology, cognition, self-control, standard life style,  Inter- religion talks.


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