The Role of Mental Health on Driving

The Role of Mental Health on Driving
Dr. S.A. Hosseini

Safe driving is due to the normal functions of three inhibitory Systems:
1. Brake 2. Brain 3.Conscience

1) The Brake is the most important system in vehicles. It normal function should be checked by both drivers and police officers continuously.
2) Any deficit in the brain inhibitory system can cause automatism, which is responsible for some car accidents.
3) The most important inhibitory system to prevent all reactive psychological disturbance in general, and car accidents in particular, is the lack of control of the conscience over the self. Without conscience control man would resemble animals, and his behavior become unpredictable. ” I can do anything I want”: A slogan of this kind would make a dangerous person.


We can prevent behavior deviations by modifying the following three basic psychological processes:
a) Cognition: Put yourself in the shoes of others.
b) Affection: Modify rewards for healthy driving and warn of punishment against reckless driving.
c) Conation: Have continues supervision on road, and use rigid punishment for reckless driving.



The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Summer


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