The Role of the Divine Instructions on Programming A Healthy Life

The role of the  Divine Instructions on Programming A Healthy Life
Mohammad Hossein Bahari

Key words: Divine instructions. Healthy Life, Programming, Islam.

One can sum up the basic rules of programming to manage a system as follows:


1.To be aware of the whole system, its subsystems and related systems, and to predict different needs of the entire population. The reactions of the population to the program too, should be evaluated.



2.To be aware of the possibilities, abilities and limitations of all personnel.


3.To be fully aware of the probable benefits and harms due to utilizahon of the program.


4.The planner should not consider his own personal motivations, needs and welfare in programming for a large population.


5.The targets of the planning must be accessible.


6.The program should fulfill individual and social welfare and development.

Considering the history of man, and continuous of the world problems, can bring us to the very natural result that ” programming for human life should be authorized by the Creator”. This approach is an inclusive way for the problem solving in our every day practice of life, and any resistance to this approach will damage individual and social life.



The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Spring


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