An elementary study on the common language of psychology for humans

S.A. Hosseini, MD

Prof. of psychiatry

Mash had University of Medical Sciences

Key words: common language of psychology, Natural School of Psychology, personality structure, conscience, passion, conflict, Divine religion.


There is no doubt that mankind is only one race of creatures and he has only one Psychic apparatus. Each school of psychology has studied this psychic apparatus through its own special approach. At present we have numerous schools of psychology having in some respects contradictory view points. Consequently, we need a criterion school of psychology in order to evaluate and coordinate these schools and to correct their deviations.


It seems that the “Natural School of Psychology” can and should be considered as the criterion school of thought.  I have discovered this school, from the Islamic teachings. By reviewing the Bible, I think we can elicit the same results from the Bible too. Of course this very important responsibility, requires the helps of Jewishs & Christians scholars. It seems this field will open a new door for “inter religions & inter-cultural talks”

According to this school, there is a non-chemical agent in humans, named “psyche”, which I have named it as ”life factor” in my paper ; And there are  also two psychic processes in operation, namely conscience & passion, which are   inherent and not acquired.

The first one has an evolutionary developmental nature, whereas the second can be considered as an instinctual motive. There are continuous conflict between the conscience and passion.

Islamic scholars believe that all the Divine religions during the history of human, are to fortify the conscience and to control passions. I think we can use this approach, as “common language for humans” & a key for their evaluation, and a better comprehension of Cross-cultural Psychology.




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