An Overview on stress , Murder and suicide

An Overview on stress , Murder and suicide
Dr. E. Abdolahian M.D Assistant professor – Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Murder and suicide are the logical outcomes of extreme forms of aggressiveness towards others and towards the self. There is no difference between these forms of behavior except in direction, both seek to deprive a human being of life.

Murder has been defined as the willful and premeditated killing of another person. In trying to offer explanations of murder, there appear to be two points of view: law and psychiatry. The second one regards murder as a maladaptive behavior due to psychiatric disorders, which need to go under appropriate treatment. In this point of view unavoidable stressful situations have a notable causative role.
Most of attempted or committed suicides are closely related to stressful life events such as economic and social deprivations, marital problems and endocrine changes, so societies should try to reduce these stressful situations.



The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Spring


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