Prevention and Treatment of School Phobia

Prevention and Treatment of School Phobia
Dr. S.A.Hosseini
According to Isaac Marks the great majority of children have reluctance to go to school. School refusal can be a serious problem and is sometimes called school phobia. Long- standing cases of school phobia present a more difficult problem. Whatever the cause of school phobia, prolonged absence can lead to serious consequences which may be life long. The treatment of school phobia is to expose the child gradually to the school situation, and confirm modeling with repeated exercise .

The therapist should never agree to postpone going to school.
In the Islamic R. of Iran, in recent years, the pupils of the first classes go to school 2 days before the arrival of others. This trend can prevent school phobia and it should be caparisoned with the trend in which two groups of students go to school the same day.


The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 1
Year : 2000, Spring


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