Discipline is Loving Guidance

Discipline is Loving Guidance
Tranlated by : Dr. KH. Farivar

Key words : Discipline, loving guidance maturity, breast feeding, child’s need, Child care


It is important to know that discipline is a loving guidance of children. If we guide children properly they will become independent, mature, loving persons with fully developed talents and abilities. If their physical and emotional needs are met as fully as possible, a secure foundation is laid for their advances to maturity.

The role of breast- feeding is important, not only for its nutritional aspects and prevention of many disorders in infancy and adulthood, but for creation of an appropriate atmosphere for development, the discipline is unique.


Through breast- feeding infants get the right start. The breast- feeding relationship itself makes us more sensitive to the child’s needs, so we are sure in devising ways of meeting their needs. Discipline is an integrate part of everything we do for and with our children. By being available and responsive to our babies during the first years, we learn to read their cries, to anticipate the behavior that will follow certain cues.

Guiding our children, lovingly, is an important part of caring for them and helping them to be loving and lovable to people within our families and beyond. Next to breast – feeding, discipline is the best gift we can give a small child, and like breast- feeding, the benefits lasts lifetime.



The quarterly journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health
Volume : 2
Year : 2001
Spring and Summer No.5 & 6


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